Bulk Diff/Merging. Cross-platform.

File Tracker is the multi-project, multi-host bulk visual diff/merge tool for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux desktop.

Traditional visual diff/merge tools process two files side-by-side. This is bulk visual diff/merging where each source file merges into many, possibly hundreds of files across many hosts.

File Tracker aids in the complex process of keeping multiple copies or near-copies of many different files in sync across many projects and systems on an on-going basis.

VCS Integrated. Intelligent.

Whether you use git, Subversion, or other version control software, File Tracker integrates with most standard project management workflows. Even projects that aren't under version control.

File Tracker intelligently collapses commits to VCS repositories into as few commits and pushes as possible. Commits that share the same commit message all get lumped together into one commit and projects are pushed one time to upstreams after all relevant commits have been made for a project.

Fast Performance. Everywhere.

File Tracker can scan a whole system in just a matter of seconds to find all matching files that contain matching content. The slowest scan branches that didn't find any matching files are reported after each full scan, allowing for quick exclusion from future scans.

The location of the host doesn't matter either. Remote SSH hosts receive a "plan file" via SFTP, execute the operations in the plan file (e.g. scanning), return a results file over SFTP, and the results file is processed and integrated into the main database. It took you longer to read this paragraph than it takes File Tracker to do all of that.

File Tracker also accurately calculates text diffs across hundreds of files from many hosts in a matter of seconds with clear visual cues for each newly seen version of a file. A compact diffing strategy dramatically reduces system resource usage and achieves optimal performance.

Cool Features. Included.

File Tracker supports tracking both text and binary files. When processing any diff, the percentage change of each file compared to the source file is also calculated.

File Tracker integrates with your favorite text editor and traditional visual diff/merge tool. For those moments when you want to look more in-depth at a file before taking action or want to manually merge any two files for any reason. View screenshot

There is a nearly feature-complete, fully interactive SSH client included with File Tracker. Because, why not? View screenshot

'git/svn status' tracking of registered projects shows what hasn't been committed/pushed at a glance. Also, File Tracker shows useful summaries of each file being tracked in the system (e.g. how many different versions of each file that were found). Great for project managers who make regular team reports at meetings and create developer task lists. View screenshot

Synchronize whenever you want. Queue up some changes, close the software, but return days or even weeks later and pick up exactly where you left off. Changes to files and commits/pushes are only applied during Synchronize operations, which leaves you in total control.

Affordable. For Everyone.

No per-seat pricing model. A File Tracker license is just $30 USD and includes a year of product support and software updates. The current annual license renewal rate is just $10 USD.

Whether you are an individual or an organization, this is a sweet deal for a software product like File Tracker.

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